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Mother Lode Master
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
  Giants in Calaveras County
It's another place of interest I'm highlighting today in the central Sierra Nevada - Mother Lode area. We're in Calaveras County this time where, I'm not kidding, giants (as in giant trees) literally live. No, I'm not talking about like Treebeard and company in "The Lord of The Rings." Instead it's giant trees as in Big Trees State Park. Big Trees is the home of some of the largest Sequoia trees in the world. To give you an example, one such tree is the "Agassiz" tree which stands over 240 feet tall with a diameter at it's base of 25 feet. And there are many more trees of like size in Big Trees State Park. And it's interesting to note how Big Trees was discovered. I was reading Betty Sederquist's article at She writes about how, while tracking a grizzly bear in 1852, Augustus T. Dowd happened across the giant trees. When he went back to tell the people of the town about it, they didn't believe him. It wouldn't be until Dowd led them back to the trees that they did. And it really is quite an unbelievable thing when you think about it until you experience Big Trees State Park for yourself. My family and I visited there not too long ago. And when you arrive, it's interesting, my impression was I was waiting for the trees to just jump out and grab me. But when we parked our car and got out, no trees. When we walked in a little further and visited the museum, still no trees. Then when we finally started out to the trail and grove, that's when it happened: Trees. And they're really big! "Wow. Look at that." And it really doesn't do it justice until you're there in person. Right? I must say this was a highlight trip for us. And maybe when you're in town you'll want to make sure to take a trip to Big Trees State Park. It'll definitely be worth your while.

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