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Mother Lode Master
Monday, October 6, 2008
  Watch the Sunrise in Yosemite
Tuolumne County is an area in the Mother Lode like no other. Of course, there are many points of interest that could be highlighted, but probably the most world famous of all is Yosemite National Park. It's right in in our own backyard! Thousands of people visit the park each year, but still there are many others who have never had the chance. But now you can! No, I'm not going to pay for a ticket to fly you out here. Instead, I wanted to let you know about what's called the Virtual Yosemite website. I watched a sunrise over Half Dome just this morning on Virtual Yosemite! There's also a link towards the bottom of the website that'll take you to Timelapse Webcam Movies where you can view Yosemite during a thundershower or when there's a light dusting of snow taking place - even see the moon rising over the park! Check out Virtual Yosemite when you get the chance. You may even want to include the link on your own website or blog.

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